Harbinger of Battle

The Mushrooms They Are A Callin'

The party is too loud, and nearly fries an old lady.

After a big reptilian battle, our intrepid adventurers took a moment to clear their heads. Garil-Kai went glassy-eyed for a few moments and started looking paranoid, saying something about someone dying in a ring of fire. They made haste through the door in the side of the mushroom chamber and beyond lay a room containing a withered old crone who looked to be suffering from hunger and dehydration. Surrounding her, drawn on the floor, was a circle.
Gunnar strode into the room purposefully, but not as fast as their intrepid councilman companion Eoffram, who dashed forward shouting the name “Zerriska!” and looked very concerned for this woman who he apparently knew. Gunner, not to be outdone, ran forward and directly into a magic circle which stopped him in his tracks, flaring with flames. Zerriska the crone screeched in pain as the fire burned her severely, and Gunnar ceased trying to breach the barrier. Eoffram had no time to react to this sight before Garil-Kai lashed out with his whip of sand, grabbing him and pulling him backwards. Eoffram choked on stray sand, and stopped his rush to the circle when he saw what happened to Gunnar. He and Garil-Kai spoke to the old woman and Gunnar lost interest and began searching the room for concealed devices or doors. They learned from Zerriska that a boy named Thurann was brought before her, still alive, and the hobgoblins threatened to slice his throat if she did not cooperate. Another man they had shown her was already dead.
Gunnar succeeded in finding a secret panel and pried it open, receiving a sharp needle to his arm in the process. A small wave of nausea swept over him and then was gone and he flicked the poison needle aside. Inside the alcove were a money purse and a long black bag. It contained a decorative sword made of platinum that Eoffram confirmed was one of the lost relics of Brindol; the purse contained 200 gold pieces. (More to come…)



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